Tuesday, June 10, 2008

oooh .. bad blogger

Ok .. ok .. so I've been a tad slack on my updates.

I'm sure most people know that Supadogs was a washout this year, so don't need to report on that.

Rush is now completely over his op, and is back at training. We had a private lesson with Ant last week and he was a really good boy (Rush, not ANT!!!). We have been working at home on channel weaves and FP for the DW, so I was a bit keen (just a bit!) to check him out to see if he was able to make the connection between the position on the plank at home, and the position over the whole DW. I needn't have worried. I put him straight over the DW and he raced to the end and stopped in FP beautifully, rocking back excitedly in anticipation of being released, and as soon as I released him, he shot straight over the full height jump which was in the general direction I had thrown his ball. Bless him ... don't think he's stressed at the thought of full height (although only doing mini height for exercises still). For the rest of the lesson we did mostly jumping and tunnel combination exercises, along with some more detailed work on the DW.

Then it was the Princess' turn.... As she hasn't had any training for a couple of weeks now, she has been a bit "wilful", and was true to form in the lesson. However, by the end we had got things back together and she was being a bit fat hairy showoff.

Her good form was maintained at Thames on Saturday, with 2 eliminations (but good ones), plus 6th in the Eukanuba Mixi Pairs with our pairs partners Susie Josty and Ag. Ch. Spratt Attack, and best of all 12th place in her Gr 6 Agility. The 12th may not sound like anything much to celebrate, but it was not really our sort of course (quite scopey and spread out, where we prefer the more twisty courses), and she beat some really good dogs so I was delighted.

This weekend we have Axstane, for round 2 of the Eukanuba mixi pairs, so we're after more points there in our bid to get to Crufts next year. It will probably be Jack's last year competing, according to Susie, so we will be doing our bit to try and get him there in the pairs.

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