Monday, June 30, 2008

What a clever princess

Well, my little princess was a superstar on Saturday at UKA in Newbury.

We had 4 runs plus the Royal Canin final and it was a brilliant day out.

Sew What pairs was up first for us - I ended up having to do a "scratch" pair, as my entered pair didn't make it. We were matched up with Sally Jones and her youngster Rudi, and what a great team! Sally and Rudi did the agility half and we did the jumping. Neither of us went flat out and we took a while to do our baton changeover ... but I'm delighted to report that we came 2nd and will be strutting our stuff in the Sew What Pairs final at Scrambles UKA in September.

Champ Jumping was second run of the day and we were hysterically funny! Sassy and I managed to fit in 27 obstacles ... I think the poor judge was a bit bemused as he had only set 19 or 20! I think Sassy was still feeling proud of her efforts in the pairs ... and I was just being blonde ....

3rd run was Champ Steeplechase and I was a bad handler and changed my handling plan .... and got us eliminated for the privilege.

Champ Agility was next and I decided not to opt for a training run, but rather to try to push my contacts a bit (then put her back on if she came off) .. but she didn't ... so we ended up in 2nd place.

We had to hang around until 6pm for the Royal Canin Grand Prix final to start, and it was well worth it. The course was nice, but a bit too "blasty" to really suit Sassy. That said, she ran really nicely and we ended up in 3rd place, with a lovely trophy, rosette and bag of food!

Just for amusement, I put Rush into the training ring for a minute .... and he didn't run off or do anything too embarrassing, but I am definitely sure he is not going to be a dog who will be ready at 18 months!

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