Friday, May 22, 2009

ahem ... bad blogger redefined

well .. here we are in May and I've finally found the time to update my blog again.

Rush is now competing at KC shows and is thoroughly enjoying being in the ring (almost as much as I am enjoying being there with him!)

It is so lovely to have a dog in the lower grades again ....

Sassy continues to thoroughly enjoy herself (particularly at UKA shows where she has had some stunning results recently). At KC shows, we seem to be out of sync with each other, but are still having fun. She is very definitely my comfortable shoes!
We are off to the Quad Paws show at the Scrambles venue next week and will be spending loads of time just "chillin" as for once I have refused to help!

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Hannah Banks said...

Thanks for your blog comment - the answer is yes please! Not sure how to email you apart from this way! Hannah