Monday, March 15, 2010

New definition of bad blogger

I always knew having a blog was going to be a bad idea ... I simply don't have time to update it....

So, here we are at the start of 2010 agility season ... wonder what the year will hold.

Sassy is now 7 1/2, which although not "old" in agility terms, it does mean that I am being more thoughtful about what I am going to enter with her. She had her first runs at UKA on Saturday, and I ran her in Casual rather than Champ so that she could settle in a bit. I was so pleased that I did, as although she was completely stunning in her casual jumping over medium height, she started measuring over standard height in the casual agility. I had wanted to give her one run over each height just to see how she was.

I always rest my dogs over the winter, as I hate indoor shows (bah, humbug), so I need to work on building up the jump fitness of both dogs over the next month or so.

Rush has started the season all guns blazing (in some cases all guns blazing rather too much and far too randomly!). I am really looking forward to running him this season, as I think that if he and I both get it right, we could be looking at some decent results.

My main desire for this season is to find some time to train my dogs!!!!

I will try to update my blog a bit more regularly too .... bit of a late New Year's resolution, so I guess it will have to be new season's resolution ..

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